The Ultimate Wedding Dress Guide

The Ultimate Wedding Dress Guide

The wedding Dress market over the last 10 years has now morphed into a hybrid fashion industry which is exciting news for brides getting married now; new dress designers and styles flood the market each year giving new brides the choice of styles and colours they are searching for.  I think we have literally seen every style imaginable from daring two piece seperates, coloured wedding dresses, dresses with high hems at the front and low at the back, slip dresses, backless dresses as well as the bridal staple of traditional gowns such as the strapless, ballgowns, mermaid dresses, fit and flair gowns some with intricate beading, some with illusion panels.  It is pretty hard to find any particular staunch trend as the choice and variety now is just so vast.

As you begin the search for your wedding dress, preparing  for what is likely to be the shopping trip you have always dreamed of,  we have put together this handy guide picking out the go to dresses everyone is talking about.  The guide covers six key styles, Ballgowns, Simple, Bohemian, Modern, Coloured Gowns and Classic Styles so we are pretty sure there will be something in here to inspire any bride.

The Full Guide can be downloaded here as a PDF and includes over 100 wedding dresses, shopping tips and an appointment planner so you can make lots of lovely notes.

Ball Gowns

The ballgown had a bad rap at one point often being compared to a meringue or a toilet roll doiley  – eek but let me tell you that the ballgown is back in town, as the bridal big hitter everyone is looking at.  This statement gown has had a major overhaul and is the height of elegance and sophistication, it is likely the one day you can rock one of these bad boys and the style suits everyone – literally! Even if a ballgown is not on your shopping wish list, you simply must try one on and watch everyone dissolve into a puddle of tears.


Simple Gowns

The world was in wedding fever mode in May this year as everyone eagerly awaited to see what Meghan Markle would wear to marry Prince Harry and boy did she stun us all.  The simplicity of her gown made a huge statement and set the wheels in motion for probably decades to come for this bridal trend.  Long Sleeves, bateau neckline and an A-line skirt became a platform for that stunning veil to get some airtime.  Beautiful accessories were a highlight and really complemented this very polished and beautiful look.


Bohemian Gowns

Weddings have become much less formal and that relaxed vibe has given way to the rise of this incredibly individual look, from ecclectic 70’s style gowns, much more loose fitting almost smock shapes, to luxe lace dresses perfect for warmer climates. For this look think surfer chick for a beachy californian vibe,  free spirited gypsy souls or festival lovers; perfect for life’s dreamers – arty, music and culture lovers.  Essential accessories are likely to be foliage, floral and feathers!


Modern and Trendy Gowns

The pace of wedding fashion every year is astonishing and new trends surface all the time, grabbing our attention is bridal’s foray into Bridal Seperates – think Olivia Palermo who totally rocked a two piece outfit with a soft angora sweater teamed with a ball gown style skirt for her wedding.  Back details on wedding dresses are also big news, and can make just as much of a statement as the front – just don’t forget to be nailing those press ups and planks to get those killer shoulder blades.  The other big trend to hit the bridal catwalks are sleeves – thank goodness we say as most of us have some arm issue going on.  Consider styles that are either off the shoulder, capped, full length in lace, or illusion the choice of styles is incredible.  Sleeves can be super flattering or very unforgiving an honest opinion is definitely needed, one size does not fit all but there is something for everyone.  A very knowledgeable dressmaker is worth their weight in gold and Bex at Bexbrides is the person to visit, gowns can be customised to include flattering features as quick as a stitch.


Coloured Gowns

Every designer loves to dabble with coloured gowns,  it’s a guilty pleasure for us all but alas it can be a brave and beautiful choice away from the traditional ivory offerings.  However, while most of us are not brave enough to go for something very bold, there are many softer hues in muted bridal tones and pastels such as blush, soft peaches and pinks,  champagne and even baby blues making a very traditional gown just that bit more special.   This season has also seen a huge rise in dresses with hints of colour to create an Ombre effect which can be added either as part of the gown at design stage or afterwards.  The Ombre colour service can be added to gowns afterwards meaning you get the best of both worlds, whilst we would not recommend undertaking this yourselves specialists such as Bex Brides offer this service from their studio.


Classic Styles

Once apon a time I would only be writing about the strapless ballgown which has been the bridal staple for decades now and probably continue to be until the end of time! Not today though, this style is moving aside for their younger counterparts; ladies getting married in 2015 onwards are likely to be coveting a mermaid silouhette which is just that a fitted gown with a ruffled tail either from the knee or calf down to the floor thus giving rise to it’s name ‘Mermaid’ and newer styles also known as fit and flair and trumpet are all possibly very traditional and classic gowns for a more formal wedding.  In this category we may also consider Kate Middleton’s style of dress worn in …


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