10 Things that will save you thousands…

At least £20000! Yes, you got that right, the average cost of a UK wedding today – how can that be well here is a quick breakdown where the money goes.

Brides Outfit (Accessories, Shoes, Underwear, Veil and Jewellery) – £1750, Groom £300-£500,Wedding Rings –  £650, Stationery – £300, Entertainment – £700 (this is a conservative idea for a DJ and a dancefloor), Band – £1000, Wedding Venue – £7000, Photography £1500, Beauty  & Hair – £450 (Hair and Makeup done on the day and bridesmaids), Cake – £300, Attendants Outfits £450, Flowers – £550,  Venue Decor and Dressing – £500, Ceremony – £500, Transport – £500.

We are suddenly down nearly £17,000 and we still have hen and stag parties to attend as well as that dream honeymoon destination to plan it’s not hard to see that £20K can go in a flash.  All the above expenses are reasonable averages where products and services can be sourced for less and or more lavishly.  It just goes to show with little imagination  £20K can go very quickly and the stinger for me is that if you plan this over 2-3 years and spread these costs out you may not feel the burden so much but the end result is still the same!

Don’t you just love that feeling when you find that amazing pair of shoes and they are an absolute bargain! It feels like a lottery win, I am here to tell you that you can have this most amazing day for a lot less than £20K so here are my top tips on where to save your money.

On another word of warning – Wedding Fairs are a shoppers paradise! Window shop online you are much less likely to be carried away in the moment and make expensive decisions you may regret.  It helps keep things in perspective, why go into a cake shop when your on a diet – it’s not going to end well!

  1. Ditch the expensive dress, the high street are coming up trumps in the wedding stakes and there is always a sale.
  2. Ditch the wedding stationery, use free software like Canva to create your own and if your printing use printed.com for inexpensive printing costs.  Better still email your invites and save more on postage costs.
  3. Ditch the expensive photographer, his 10,000 instagram followers is going to cost you dearly.  I understand this is important but honestly mosts photographs and albums are barely looked at a year in!
  4. Ditch the traditional cake and opt for something a bit more quirky but just as much of a wow feature. Create your own donut stack or cheese stack – get really creative and think outside the box. Most people only see the cake for 5 minutes before it’s cut up and served on a plate!
  5. Entertainment – think carfeully on this one! In my opinion a good band is worth it’s weight in gold, I would sack the dancefloor, photobooth and other extra’s to have a memorable evening.  Our band were pretty lively they were dancing on the tables with my husband – we still have a laugh about this 12 years on!!
  6. Get ceative with centre pieces… jam jars are all the rage for a cheap idea but unless your picking from your garden a posy of flowers in a jar is still going to cost you.
  7. There is so much scope to save on your venue, on a gradient of savings here goes- Firstly, look at your numbers and really be careful with your guest list.  My rule of thumb is that if the couple your inviting would happily take you for dinner and pay or vice versa then they are definitely likely to be a guest list contender!  Harsh yes I know but it makes you stop and think a bit!   Secondly, shop out of season dates always a bit cheaper or look for later in the day packages so you only have to feed guests once.   Thirdly, be flexible draw up a shortlist, set your budget and speak to the venues to see what you can negotiate – be prepared to haggle.  Finally, go completely off piste and book a village hall and a caterer this will be by far the cheapest option unless your going for a really budget hotel package – the choice is yours!
  8. Hair and Makeup – I always say no one does my makeup like I like it and that is it, I don’t care what training and products you use so don’t be sold on this. It’s a luxury – end of.  Hair on the other hand, I would be hopeless.  There are so many makeup and hair tutorials online it would be fun to practise what you can achieve beforehand.
  9. Bridesmaids Outfits – let your gals choose their own dresses, give them a colour pallette and ask them to wear what they want.

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